5 Reasons to Plant Woolly Stemodia

Are you looking for a Texas native ground cover to add interest to your garden? Look no further than Woolly Stemodia (Stemodia lanata).

Its silvery-white foliage creates a beautiful contrast to leafy green perennials. This low-growing and semi-evergreen ground cover is a good choice for your garden bed.

Wooly Stemodia
The silvery leaves of Woolly Stemodia add fun color and texture to your garden.
It is native to warmer areas of southern Texas.

Five Reasons to Plant Wooly Stemodia (Stemodia lanata)

1) It is semi evergreen

It can be hard to find evergreen native plants, including evergreen ground covers. Many tend to die back in the winter. However, Woolly Stemodia will stay evergreen in mild Texas winters common to its native range of south and west Texas.

2) It provides a pretty color contrast in your garden

The silvery white fuzzy leaves of Woolly Stemodia can add beautiful contrast to a garden. Plant it at the base of green leafy perennials or the front of a garden bed to attract the eye.

Ornamental native grasses make great planting partners for Stemodia lanata. Try pairing it with Gulf Muhly or Mexican Feather Grass. It also looks great with other low-water companions such as Prickly Pear Cactus in a rock garden setting.

Woolly Stemodia and Mexican Feather Grass
Woolly Stemodia looks nice planted at the base of an ornamental grass like Mexican Feather Grass.

3) You can grow Woolly Stemodia in container pots

I always love when I can incorporate Texas native plants into my containers. Woolly Stemodia is a perfect example. It can trail over a tall container pot or hanging basket beautifully. Just make sure the pot has well-drained potting soil.

A successful container combination is an ornamental grass paired with Stemodia lanata.

4) It requires almost no maintenance

Woolly Stemodia is easy to grow! Its semi-evergreen nature makes it look good year-round. Its dense growth creates a natural weed barrier. Because it doesn’t grow rapidly or very tall, it does not require regular pruning.

In addition, it is not particular about its sun requirements. It can handle full sun to partial shade. It can also handle dry soil.

Stemodia lanata
Native ground covers are great native low-water plants to add to your garden.
Woolly Stemodia grows densely, providing a natural weed barrier.

Overall, it is a hands-off plant! I have personally found it easier to grow than Silver Ponyfoot, another native Texas ground cover.

5) It is deer resistant

If you have deer in your area, give the ground cover a try. Deer tend to avoid this plant. Check out this list of other great Texas native plants that are deer resistant.

Woolly Stemodia Flowers

While this ground cover is most known for its foliage, it also has tiny lavender flowers. They are pretty inconspicuous, but can be found on the plant throughout spring and summer. 

Woolly Stemodia flower

What is the native range of Stemodia lanata?

This Texas native ground cover is native to south Texas and northern Mexico. It can be found growing densely in sandy soils and dunes in the coastal regions of Texas.

How do you propagate Woolly Stemodia?

You can propagate this plant easily by cutting stems with a node, which will root if you dip it in rooting hormone and repot it.

Where to buy Stemodia lanata?

Seek out a nursery that sells native plants near you. You may also buy it online at native-gardeners.com. In addition to its common name (Woolly Stemodia), write down its scientific name (Stemodia lanata) before you head to the nursery to ensure you’re getting the right plant.

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