Jumpstart Your Native Garden

Jumpstart Your Native Garden Online Class
  • Discover how you can help the planet by growing native plants – it is EASY to do!
  • Find the BEST native plants in your area for supporting insects & wildlife.
  • Leave with a simple roadmap that will make your native garden a REALITY.
How to prevent weeds in flower beds
Learn how to prep your garden bed LIKE A PRO to save time and prevent weeds.

20 No-Fail Texas Native Plants

Texas native plants course
  • TAKE AWAY THE GUESSWORK of what to plant with these 20 no-fail natives!
  • Create a BEAUTIFUL GARDEN with minimal effort with plants that are easy to find, easy to grow, and look great!
  • Get PRO TIPS for maintaining each plant to help it THRIVE in your garden.
Texas native plants class
Get my recommendations for NO-FAIL Texas natives to grow & propagate!