Welcome to the Native Backyards Shop! Here you’ll find my favorite products for native plant gardeners, both to use in your own yard, but also to help you spread the word about the importance of native plants to others.

Native Plant Lovers Gifts

Your purchase will help support conservation efforts: 20% of profits from the Native Backyards Etsy shop are donated to the National Wildlife Federation!

Native plant garden sign

Native Plant Garden Sign

Show off your beautiful native plant garden with this personalized garden sign! Help spread the word about natives with your sign.

Pollinator wildflower garden mug

Pollinator Mug

“Plant it and they will come” is so true when it comes to gardening with native plants. Soon your yard will be filled with pollinators!

Vinyl stickers from Native Backyards shop

Vinyl Stickers

Help spread the word by adding these waterproof stickers to your water bottle, notebook, laptop, etc. Dishwasher safe!

Plant Natives mug

Plant Natives Mug

Have a friendly reminder each time you drink your coffee with this 11oz mug with blue handle & interior. A great gift idea!

Plant natives hat

Plant Natives Hat

This hat features the Purple Coneflower, an iconic flower native to the Eastern half of the US. The hat comes in three different colors.

Plant profile card - Native Backyards shop

Plant Profile Card

Keep track of your favorite native plants with this pretty downloadable Plant Card. Don’t miss the other garden templates in the shop!

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Must Read Books for Native Plant Gardeners

Nature's Best Hope book

Nature’s Best Hope

Nature’s Best Hope is a MUST read for anyone interested in backyard conservation. Doug Tallamy is the leading thinker in this space.

The Bee Friendly Garden book

The Bee-Friendly Garden

I love the simple tips in this book for inviting more honey bees & native bees into your yard simply by the plants you choose to grow.

Native Texas Plants book

Native Texas Plants

If you’re a Texan, then this is the only native plant book you’ll need. It is my go-to source for helpful, quick info on Texas natives.

Want to learn about plants specific to your area?

Check out our top native plant books by state!

Gardening Tools Used by the Pros

Root Slayer Hori Hori knife

Hori Hori Knife

This workhorse is the most used tool in my bag. This garden knife digs and cuts thanks to its serrated edge. Perfect for weeding.

Pruning shears

Pruning Shears

Many native perennials benefit from being cut back once or twice a year. A good pair of pruning shears makes it easy.

Root Slayer shovel

Root Slayer Shovel

Recommended to me by a Master Naturalist friend, this is the BEST tool when you need to dig a hole in compact soil or remove a large plant.

DRAMM watering wand

Watering Wand

These Dramm watering wands are the ones you’ll see your local nursery use. They give an even spray of water to your plants.

TakeRoot Rooting Hormone

Rooting Hormone

Keep this on hand to make new plants from cuttings. Propagate your natives to share with friends and neighbors!

Garden pick axe

Garden Pick

When I volunteer to remove invasive plants from natural areas, this is the tool we use. Great for breaking up hard soil.

My Favorite Wildlife Habitat Products

Juegol hummingbird feeder

Hummingbird Feeder

This plastic feeder with snap on lid is the EASIEST to clean. I have it hanging from my balcony. Hummingbirds visit it daily here in TX!

Window alert bird decals

UV Window Decals

Window collisions kill 1+billion birds in the US each year. Prevent bird strikes by putting these pretty UV coated decals on your windows.

Squirrel proof bird feeder

Bird Feeder

This is the squirrel-proof feeder I have in my yard. Each day wrens, titmice, chickadees and more songbirds take part in the buffet!