Butterfly Gardening Class

Turn your yard into a butterfly OASIS with QUICK results! In this workshop you’ll:

  • Learn the easiest way to make an impact in your yard with the BEST native nectar and host plants for butterflies.
  • Get simple steps you can take in your yard starting TODAY!
  • Discover the BEST plants to attract and support SPECIFIC butterfly species.
  • Enjoy Haeley’s COLORFUL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS of our beautiful native butterflies and plants.

LEARN how simple changes to your yard can have a beneficial IMPACT on your local ecosystem.

BRING YOUR YARD TO LIFE quickly with my easy tips for creating a butterfly OASIS.

TAKE AWAY THE GUESSWORK with my list of the BEST butterfly plants for your garden.


Hello Friend!
I’m Haeley

I have seen firsthand how native plants can BRING YOUR YARD TO LIFE with butterflies, bees, and birds!
No need to overhaul your entire landscaping, sacrifice your aesthetic, or remove all your grass.

You can support more insects and wildlife, ONE PLANT AT A TIME. I’ll show you how!

Helping save the planet can feel daunting, but this is a simple way we can each make a REAL, visible impact.


Ready to bring on the butterflies?

What you’ll get by signing up:

  • 60 recorded butterfly gardening workshop presentation with lifetime access to the recording.
  • A printable PDF with photos of common butterflies and their host plants.
  • Three sample butterfly garden designs to use in your yard.
  • Resource list of my favorite butterfly gardening websites and books.
  • Garden roadmap: a helpful worksheet to help you plan and design your butterfly garden.
  • BONUS! One-on-one feedback from Haeley on your garden plans!

All material is the sole copyright of Haeley Giambalvo of Native Backyards and can’t be rebroadcast, transcribed, or shared in any way without the prior written permission of the author.

I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, I will happily refund your payment.

Butterfly Gardening Class - Bring on the Butterflies