Top 10 Texas Wildflowers to Grow at Home! 

Wildflower Season Texas roadsides are covered in a gorgeous rainbow of wildflowers from March through June!

Bring Wildflowers Home No need to go on a road trip to see them -  you can grow these 10 wildflowers in your yard! 

1. Texas Bluebonnet The state flower of Texas is a must for your home wildflower garden. It blooms from March - May.

2. Blanketflower This vibrant yellow and red wildflower is hardy and will bloom from spring to summer.

3. Pink Evening Primrose The delicate pink blooms on this wildflower last for a single day. Primrose blooms from March-July.

4. Mexican Hat This bright and happy wildflower is a pollinator favorite and birds enjoy its seeds! Blooms all summer long.

5. Winecup This pretty drought tolerant and sprawling wildflower is covered with deep magenta blooms from Feb - June.

Lemon Mint A pollinator favorite!

Plains Coreopsis Easy to grow!

Butterfly Weed: An important Monarch host plant

More wildflowers:

Cardinal Flower: Hummingbirds love the red blooms.

Grow wildflowers in your own yard! You can create your own wildflower meadow at home. It is easy to do! 

Tips for growing wildflowers





Let the flowers drop their seeds before cutting.

Sow seeds in the spring or fall.

Pick a full sun area of your yard.

Keep seeds moist until they germinate.