A simple trick to:

prevent garden weeds!

There is a way to prevent weeds in your garden without having to resort to chemicals - it's simple!

tired of weeding?

all you need is cardboard & Mulch!

This simple garden hack provides an eco-friendly weed barrier that works.


remove weeds

Start by removing large weeds. Don't worry if there are some remaining - the cardboard and mulch will smother it. 


 add cardboard

Flatten plain brown cardboard boxes and overlap them so there are no gaps. Remove any packing tape beforehand.


add mulch

Cover cardboard with 3-4 inches of hardwood mulch. Look for undyed wood chips made from local trees. 


add water

Water down the mulch and cardboard to hold it in place. This barrier will prevent weeds all season long!


add plants

Once you want to add a plant just cut a hole through the cardboard with a garden knife.

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